Friday, April 8, 2011

My first night at the French Farmhouse somewhere outside of Orange

Written on Tuesday, March 15ths... somewhere outside of Orange, France where there are lots of Vineyards.

I'm sitting in the kitchen with my Thai helpXchange host, and two middle ages English woman drinking wine after eating an amazing meal (complete with delicious, authentic thai food, followed by death by chocolate cake, followed by wine that was grown and made within 50 miles of the house). This has been my first night at my country chateau. It's beautiful! Mei and I have our own rooms – each. And our own kitchen, own bathroom... another girl from America comes tomorrow night, but still I'll have my own room. I've even been able to unpack my stuff from my bags! (sidenote: I bought a bag before I left Madrid for 15 euros. It's a duffel bag with wheels that's bright red. After only not even two weeks of traveling, it's got holes in it that are just going to get more serious. Instead of investing in a new bag I think I'm going to invest in a role of quality duck tape. Oh yeah. I'm going to be a stylin' bohemian traveler I am.) Yet despite all the laughter around me, and the above expectations housing (and food!) I'm feeling a bit out of my element. Maybe it's the new surroundings. Maybe it's the different types and ages of people around me. Maybe it's because I only got 5.5 hours of sleep last night. Or maybe because i'm going to be here for ten days and I don't know what to expect... I don't know. But I find myself needing to tell myself to relax. To rest. To let go of any expectations that I had of this situation. And I didn't have any expectations! Except that I guess I thought the people already here would be younger, and instead everyone except for Mei and I are middle aged and from England. I just feel nervous i don't know why. I used to not get nervous when I through myself into new situations like this. So why am i nervous and uneasy now? Well, it's the first night. Open mind. Open expectations. Relax Becs,. Your safe, your lucky, and I just need to not take this all so seriously.

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