Friday, April 8, 2011

French farmhouse helpxchange in summary

South France Provance (till March 27)

The rest of my time at the French farm house went very smoothly and was pretty uneventful. To be honest I was pretty happy to leave and move on to new things. I enjoyed my time, and I enjoyed the people (and of course the food), but I think a week and a few days was just enough.

I went on a few more hikes while there. It was always beautiful. (On one of them, I got lost and learned that getting lost and walkin along the edge of a highway are just as annoying in a foreign country as they are at home... except that I didn't know how to ask for directions in France, so that at least made it more exciting.

I also got to go to a farmer's market and explore the closest village to my house. It was really lovely, but sort of looked like all the other places I've been to in France. Honestly, I'm looking forward to going back to Spain where the architecture is more interesting, the places are more unique, and I know the language better.

I did learn more about my fellow helpers in the rest of my week here, as we spent a lot of time together. I have found memories of the walks and talks I took with Melody, Katherine, and Diane. All of them have interesting pasts and point of views. Melody, Diane, and I also started a morning Yoga group, and would have a class together every morning before work.

I never did get to know Dean or Vanko better. Vanko continued to pretty much just show up for meals, and be on his computer for the rest of the time. Dean, apparently, h ad an estranged romantic past with Diane afterall, so he sort of steered clear of us and her.

The range of the jobs I did varied from plastering, painting walls, painting beams on a vaulted ceiling, painting decorative beams while standing on a very slanted roof top, hoeing debris off of hills in the garden, wheel-barrowing debris from here to there. And my most random job – slapping and smoothing cement onto an 8ft tall Thai Elephant statue in the backyard.

It was a pleasant experience, but on to the next one!

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