Sunday, March 13, 2011

On that road again...ITINERARY

After six months in Madrid, I'm on the road again... I don't want to live in Madrid anymore. I feel like i'm missing out on the rest of Europe and the places in it. I don't know a lot about this trip I'm about to take - I don't know how long i'll be traveling for, where exactly i'm going, what exactly I'll be doing, who I'll be meeting, or what exactly I'm looking for/ trying to accomplish from this adventure, but that's what makes it an adventure right? And as a friend of mine pointed out (from the mouth of the chetshire cat in Alice in Wonderland) "when you don't know where you're going... any path will take you there."

Of course the week before i actually left Madrid I felt a little crazy. I'd wake up in my comfortable bed, in my comfortable flat, in my room with all of my belongings around me so easy to find and use. And I'd go to work and earn a comfortable income, hanging out with lovely people and meeting more daily.... why and how could I leave all this for the unknown and discomforts of living out of a suitcase?

But I've left, and now I do know something - I know that I'm Excited with a capital E. I'm more excited than I've been in months of what's to come, I'm nervous too of course, but that's to be expected with so much stuff unknown, and one thing more than I know is that this is without a doubt what I want to be doing right now in my life, therefore what choice do I have but to see where this all leads and roll with the punches as they come? And I'm grateful that I'm able to do this at all! How many people get to pursue what they want?

my itinerary so far (subject to change):

March 2 - leave Madrid for San Sebastian
March 2-13 travel around Basque country and France... Lyon, Bayonne, San Sebastian...??? where else?
March14-25 work on a french farm in Provance
March 26-28 Barcelona
March 29 – April 2 Help out at a place close to Barcelona
April 3-May2 work on a villa in Lanjaron, close to Granada. South of Spain!
May – visit madrid, spend time with my visiting family

I'm definitely on that road again...

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