Sunday, March 13, 2011

European Musings: PDA's - the people like to love here

ahhh the public displays of affection of Europe, well, I'm assuming Europe. I know it's at least of Spain (and France). The number of affectionate couples going at it throughout the streets of Madrid is strikingly different than the "social norms" of the US. America is so "behind closed doors" about affection. To make out on a street corner or a subway car is hardly done, and something that opens the couple up to the stodgy judgments of those who are passing them. But in Spain, these couples are shameless of their affections. I can't even count of the number of cuddling snogging couples I've watched out of the corner of my eye as I ride the metro, or as I walk down the street. And I've long since stopped being surprised at the shamelessness of couples in the park passionately groping each other under a tree or next to a fountain in the parks here. As I write this I'm watching an adorable couple make out before me, before she must say goodbye and get on a train and leave him. I've asked Spanish friends about it, and they don't even notice - for them it's just how things are, a fact of life; they are kind of confused by how it's NOT normal to me. And personally I like this difference of European norms. My romantic side sees these kissing couples as an example of art and life entwining - of people not just trying to mirror real life to create art, but real life people creating art by having real expression. Plus, all these couples sharing their affection... i think it's just cute.

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  1. YOU, my dear, are a writer! I loved reading about PDA's being alright nd expected in parts of Europe. I wish American's were less inhibited and judgmental. It's a beautiful thing, to see people in love and expressing that love. As long as they are fully having sex outdoors. Which would be awkward for me. Not gonna lie. But kissing passionately, arms entwined? I could deal with that. Let's move to Europe Becca.